Last week was full of buzz from MWC and HTC. This week the VLive team travels to New York to present our platform at the Leaders Summit.

Less VR news this week, but plenty interesting content.

Here’s what stood out:

Mobile VR sees big revenue increase: 2016 may be a big year for VR with the first high end headsets coming to market, but Google, Samsung, and Oculus are aggressively pushing VR into the mainstream through mobile. Mobile VR revenues are on track to hit sub billion dollar numbers, per VentureBeat.

Zuckerberg, the overload: Facebook founder and Oculus backer Mark Zuckerberg received some backlash for his utopian VR views last week. Read more here. If you like that you’ll also like Wired’s recent article, “VR will make life better – or just be an opiate for the masses”.

Does Virtual Reality need more women? Short answer, yes.

VR is a marathon not a sprint: There’s a lot of hype in the market, but SVG points out history usually takes 3-10 years for new technology to go mainstream.


Playstation filed patents for VR glove: Forbes has more. Playstation’s developments will be important. Their users already own the necessary hardware.

HTC looks into mobile VR: If you want mainstream revenues, you’ll probably want a mobile product.

Sports & Virtual Reality

Mark Cuban has some thoughts on VR: He’s bullish, but says the tech isn’t quite there yet.

MMA looking to use VR for behind the scenes access: Viacom and the MMA are not choosing to go the live broadcast route, but instead use VR as a supplementary tool for viewers.

The Chinese Soccer League, in 360 VR: The CSL and LeSports strike a 5 year deal worth $414 million.

Let your VR ads begin: The Giants and Verizon tricked fans by presenting the real Odell Beckham Jr. after strapping on VR gear.

That’s enough for now! Follow us on Twitter for more.


Virtually Live is a new and interactive way to experience live sports and events through virtual reality technology. Bypass real world barriers and never miss out again. We put fans into the heart of the action, no matter where they are. Fans can connect with fellow fans around the world and freely explore virtual venues together from the comfort of their homes. Virtually Live’s platform will be available across many new virtual reality headsets, including the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Playstation VR.



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