Lots of good stuff last week.

Here’s what you should know:


HTC Vive Pre-Ordering Begins February 29th: And now we have our 2nd headset to launch in 2016.

Google Ups Ante in Race For VR Domination: The internet behemoth has a new division dedicated to VR. Here’s one take on why they made the decision.

CNET Founder to Create VR Network: As Fortune notes, Halsey Minor spent a while investing in VR infrastructure to make this happen.

Hulu is Vying to Marry VR and TV: “We are spending a lot of time on virtual reality.” Read more here. Meanwhile, Netflix isn’t crazy about the idea.

Goldman Sachs is Bullish on VR, Like Really Bullish: The banking firm thinks VR could generate $110 billion in 10 years. Business Insider has more.

Thought Pieces

What Does Eye Tracking Mean for Virtual Reality? UploadVR investigates.

Filmmaker Werner Herzog Talks VR: New Yorker interview here.

Will VR save GoPro? The company’s stock took a 23% hit last week, with news of disappointing results and employee layoffs. Can they recover with VR? Read more here.

Where does Apple Stand? Thoughts on Apple’s VR position here.

How can Mobile VR be better? A technical discussion here.

Vive vs. Rift, who ya got? Comparing the two headsets.

Sports & Virtual Reality

A new VC firm for Sports Tech: Cleveland Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert, has teamed up with Bruin Sports Capital to invest in upcoming sports technology, according to the New York Times.

NBA broadcasts first ever game in 4K: Can 4K TV resolution stave off VR adoption? We’ll see. Press release here.

First Live Boxing Match in VR: IM360 and former heavyweight champion, David Haye, deliver the inaugural 360 VR experience.

Partnership Brings Extreme Sports to VR: Virtual Reality Entertainment will now be producing more extreme sports content. Action and motor sports just got better to watch. More here

VR at Super Bowl Fan Events: This year’s Super Bowl won’t be broadcasted in VR, but fans can experience the VR magic at official events. SAP and NextVR will have football demos.

As If the Puppy Bowl Could Get Any Better! Puppy Bowl. In VR. Yes.

That does it for this week. Follow us on social media for updates until next week.


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