VR was especially in the news last week as the largest electronics show in the world took place in Las Vegas.

Here’s what you should know:

Oculus Rift will be available for $599: This means consumers will be able to use Oculus for around $1600 (headsets will need a $1,000 PC to power them). BBC details the launch price here and founder Palmer Luckey gave his thoughts on the price here. 100+ games will be available for initial users.

New Tech

Teslasuit: So far you can see and hear in VR, but what about feeling? TechRadar explores the possibility with the Teslasuit.

360fly: Record 4k 360 degree videos with a drone camera the size of your palm. TechCrunch has the review here.

Samsung Rink: The Samsung Gear VR will add touch controllers to enhance their experience like Oculus, HTC, and Playstation VR did. Read more here.

Quantum Leap: Live-streaming took over the broadcasting market with the likes of Periscope, Meerkat, and Facebook Live. Now you’ll be able to live-stream in VR with the Quantum Leap camera. Mashable write-up here.

IonVR: A low latency VR headset for any mobile device. Put this bad-boy in the company of Gear VR and Google Cardboard. More here.

Vuze: More VR cameras! The market for VR cameras is quickly getting crowded. This one starts at $1,000.

CES Recaps

There was plenty of buzz around drones, smart home tech, VR, wearables and cars. Nothing groundbreaking happened, but there was some pretty cool stuff on-hand. PC Mag, Forbes, and SportTechie gave their highlights.

Other VR News

The Martian in VR is out of this world: The Verge has more.

What happens when VR gets too real? The Wall Street Journal examines the dark side of VR.

Sports & Virtual Reality

Intel teams with Replay Technologies to provide “Free-D” sports replays: The hope here is that people have even greater access to their favorite sports content.

NextVR to add more camera angles: The next development of their product will be at the Super Bowl’s NFL experience.

STRIVR creates content division: Now not only athletes can train in VR, but fans will be able to get a taste too.

Forbes asked 100+ sports executives about the future of sports: And guess what? Virtually Live was a part of it!

What a week! Stay tuned for more summaries next week.





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