Here’s what happened in VR last week:

HTC’s CEO hinted at a big announcement at CES: Cher Wang said his company will have “a very, very big technological breakthrough” at the annual CES tech conference in Las Vegas this January. HTC makes the highly anticipated Vive headset to debut in April.

NBC wrote about what’s coming up in VR next year: If you haven’t kept up with the latest developments, this article will prime you for the big players and their upcoming developments. “All that money is leading up to what should be the biggest release quarter for new consumer VR products ever, starting in January.”

Theme Parks begin using virtual reality: Already get thrills from theme park rides? Imagine what they’ll be like with the power of VR! The LA Times offers a peak into the future of theme parks.

Is VR the future of in-flight entertainment? We’ve all been there. How am I going to entertain myself while trapped on this plane for hours? TechCrunch thinks VR could help.

What will make VR take off? Andreessen Horowitz, who’s invested in Oculus and Magic Leap, takes a deeper look at what needs to happen to make VR mainstream. “Rendering a scene in virtual reality requires far more hardware resources than the exact same scene on a traditional screen.”

LA Times named VR one of 2016’s top trends: Expect 2016 to be even bigger.”

Sports and Virtual Reality

Sports Illustrated believes in VR: The tenured sports media outlet named VR its innovation of the year. “VR: It’s getting real.” Join the club, SI!

What will Super Bowl 100 be like? Speaking of SI, they teamed up with Wired to pose some questions about the future of football 50 years from now. When asked how viewers will be watching the game, some panelists said VR: “Those not at Super Bowl parties will use Virtual Reality to watch the games and keep in touch with friends.”

Will VR create the next SoulCycle? Introducing the VirZoom, a VR friendly exercise. Engadget previewed it here.


Former NFL GM gets $ to compete with STRIVR and EON Sports: Ted Sundquist, a former Super Bowl Champion and GM, announced a merge between his current company, The Football Educator, and VRStudios out of Seattle. It looks like STRIVR won’t be the only company vying NFL teams to implement VR.

Inc. thinks VR is the next big thing in pro football: “Oh, it’s great,” one smiling fan said. “I was ready to join the cheerleaders and do the dance.” We’ve heard about how teams will use VR for themselves, but now it appears more teams will use VR as a marketing tool for fans.

Rock climbing in VR: Crytek created a VR experience simulating the awesome feeling of being mountainside. “The Climb is one of the highest fidelity VR experiences I’ve seen,” noted The Verge columnist. Engadget further explained how VR hacks your brain to make it feel real.


Want more? Let us know and stay tuned for next week’s roundup!


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