Here’s the latest Virtual Reality news:

Samsung began shipping the highly anticipated GearVR for $99: It already sold out on Amazon and Best Buy. Wired called it a no-brainer if you already have a Samsung phone. At $99, the GearVR will undoubtedly be a popular Christmas gift. It’s also available in T-Mobile and AT&T stores if you can’t find it online.

The New York Times used VR to experience the Paris vigils: The NYT is already using VR to foster empathy. “As journalists, we always seek to help readers understand what life feels like in the places we cover,” the authors wrote. “Virtual reality allows us to do that in an entirely new way.”

Apple acquired Faceshift, A virtual reality company used in upcoming Star Wars movie: It’s still unclear how Apple will use the company. VR remains a hurdle for iPhone users.

Google partnered with Star Wars, offers exclusive VR content before Force Awakens debut: If there’s anything to help spread the gospel of VR, it’s the huge Star Wars following.

Sports and Virtual Reality:

Like us, Forbes believes VR is the next big wave in sports: Panelists cited VR as a total game changer for sports. They predict 170 million users by 2018 and said 2016 is the year it explodes.

Washington DC sports teams use VR: The Wizards, Nationals, and Mystics are now going to prepare players and enhance the fan experience through VR.

The MLS uses VR to give fans a better experience:  The Sounders, Timbers, and Galaxy are all using VR to enable fans to preview their seats before purchasing them.

College sports uses VR for recruiting: In the highly competitive world of securing top talent, colleges are now using VR to wow recruits.

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