The New York Times is collaborating with Google Cardboard for a project called “NYT VR”, an operation that will package over a million Google Cardboards to NYT readers. This is funny, because last month The New Yorker came out with this satirical video making fun of VR.

Join Virtually Live CEO Tom Impallomeni tomorrow for his webinar hosted by STATS LLC titled “Virtual Reality: Enhancing Live Sport”. Click here to register and see you all tomorrow!


VR is making its way to the silver screen, kind of, as a demo for the new Paranormal Activity VR game will be played during previews at select AMC theaters for the franchise’s newest title Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.

But that’s not all in VR and cinema! The Hunger Games has recently released a 6-minute VR experience to promote the final installment of its blockbuster franchise, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2.

Two weeks ago the Democratic Presidential Debate made history by being broadcasted in VR. Unfortunately, the internet had mainly not-so-nice things to say about the experiment.

Use the word “Cardboard” inappropriately in your Google Cardboard VR App title and get kicked out of the Google Play store.

The Sydney Morning Herald asks “Augmented reality v. virtual reality: which reality will dominate?

As is often the case, the world of college football was torn apart yet again in Week 8. Previously unbeaten and #3 ranked Utah was absolutely destroyed by an unranked USC team whose season had been so previously disappointing that they were forced to part ways with their head coach a few weeks back. The Utes weren’t the only unbeaten team to take a hit on their college football Playoff hopes, as Florida State suffered its first setback at the hands of Georgia Tech in an absolutely unbelievable ending that I am obligated to embed the video of below:

MTV will be live streaming the 2015 Europe Music Awards in 360-degree stitched VR. The network has already proven to be a pioneer in VR, as they experimented with VR during the red carpet portion of this year’s Video Music Awards in August.

VR is penetrating the world of fashion, and though not everyone in the industry quite understands the technology, there’s been enough adoption to believe it’s here to stay.

We welcome back the NBA tomorrow! Three games kick off the season opener, including two must-see matchups starting with the Bulls hosting the Cavs and the defending champion Golden State Warriors hosting the New Orleans Pelicans. Both games will be broadcasted on TNT.

The Huffington Post gets the nod for this week’s “generic VR hype piece from a major news publication”. Stay tuned for which major syndicate hypes the VR industry next week!

On the flip side, the winner of “forced VR skepticism of the week” goes to Gilles Raymond! 

In what I’m sure will make some readers cringe, you can expect to see head-mounted displays on drone pilots in the very near future. In other “flying machines and VR” news, motorized paper airplane company PowerUp is combining drones and VR in a way that let’s you visualize and even pilot the its airplanes using Google Cardboard.

Baseball is still going on by the way, and the conclusion of the ALCS and NLCS last week means we are all set for Game 1 of the World Series tomorrow as the Kansas City Royals take on the New York Mets.

Tech Exposed featured the Oculus Rift DK2 in a recent episode “Teardown”, which some are surprised to see features a Samsung Note 3 display. Check out what’s inside the DK2 in the video below:

On the investment front, 8i raised $13.5 million from an assortment of investors in its quest to accurately render humans in a 3D environment.  Former “Words With Friends” creator Paul Bettner’s VR gaming company Playful Corp. just raised $25 million from unnamed private investors.


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