Last night the Presidential candidates from the Democratic party gathered at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas for what would go down in history as the first presidential debate to be broadcasted in VR.  Those with the proper equipment strapped up and were  immersed into the debate room with a front row seat courtesy of NextVR.

Here’s what folks who took in the experience had to say about, starting with the rave reviews!

CNNMoney Executive Producer Jason Farkas was readily supplying tidbits from behind the scenes:

Of course, with all the praise for the VR experience, there are lessons to be learned by all.

Such as, for example, the degree of difficulty for eating or tweeting while in the VR world:

The VR Immersion was in full effect. Whether it people watching or participation in the pledge of allegiance, this was an experience that television broadcasts couldn’t deliver.

You would not believe some of the places VR was being experienced from:

Some people were experience in the debate in VR while ACTUALLY AT THE DEBATE!

And of course, the selfies were running wild.

All and all a job well done by NextVR, and a thank you to all the viewers on social media for sharing the experience with us!


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