Palmer Luckey warned consumers that the estimated $350 retail price of the Oculus might be slightly underestimated upon it’s released in 2016. Don’t worry, it’s for your own good! In other news from Oculus, Luckey made it clear that the Oculus Touch controllers won’t be available until months after the Rift release.

In College Football, the University of Georgia was beaten senselessly at home by powerhouse Alabama in the first game that Alabama was favored to lose since 2009. 

Noted filmmaker Ridley Scott has announced he is working on a mystery VR project. We’re a little unsure if “mystery” is being used as an adjective for his project or a genre (most likely the former) but when asked about the opportunity to work in VR, Scott replied: “You have to go for it. You’ve got to, you’d be stupid not to.”

Online Sportsbook William Hill is finding new ways to support your crippling gambling addiction! They are using GPS data from the race track to virtually recreate the race and place you in the jockey’s seat.

^Gladiator Director Ridley Scott has some words for the VR community.

More of a tease than a story, but Palmer Luckey has certainly not forgotten about the Oculus loyalists from its 2012 kickstarter campaign that put him and the Rift on the map.

In the past weeks, we’ve posted a number of stories about VR being used in the travel industry. So it should come as no surprise that Google is using VR in the classroom to take students on virtual field trips around the world.

Using VR, the school kids are about to go where (just about) no classroom has ever gone before.

Minecraft, that game that has sold 70 million copies worldwide and was acquired by Microsoft for $2.5 BILLION, will be available on VR in the Microsoft Store upon the release of the Oculus in 2016.

It’s October! Which means Major League Baseball Playoffs! The Houston Astros, who have lost over 100 games each season from 2011 to 2013, just waltzed into Yankees Stadium and ended New York’s season during a daring performance from 21-year old pitcher Dallas Keuchel in the AL Wildcard Game. Cubs will play the Pirates tonight to determine the Divisional Series field.

Speaking of Microsoft, in the battle of “poor man’s HMDs”, has announced the “VR Kit” which essentially is a answer to the Google Cardboard. In other cardboard related news, Yezz has announced a smartphone/ Google Cardboard bundle starting at $99.

We will let you be the judge of what to think about this story involving a marriage proposal in VR.

Let it be known, if you lose your NFL game in London then you stand a pretty good chance at losing your job. Joe Philbin was the latest example after being sacked by the Miami Dolphins following their loss to the New York Jets at Wembley Stadium. It was nearly exactly a year ago that Philbin and the Dolphins defeated the Oakland Raiders at Wembley, which led to the immediate firing of then Raiders coach Dennis Allen.
As we approach the release of the Rift and Samsung Gear in 2016, you can expect a lot of industry-hype pieces, like this one from Forbes, on just how lucrative VR can and will be. BUT ALAS, this is the internet, where every philosophical action and an equal and opposite reaction, such as this cautionary, “Don’t let Zuck Control Our Senses!” piece.


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