Another mainstream hype piece about the ensuing VR revolution, this one from CNet, that addresses the VR skeptics.

The Chicago Cubs, a team famously known as one of the most cursed professional franchises, clinched an MLB Playoff berth over the weekend when the San Francisco Giants were officially knocked out. Stay in hiding, Steve Bartman, as sports audiences are going to continue to be reminded of that fateful day for as long as the Cubs are playing in October.

You may not have known it, but Ford has been in the VR game since 1999, and is excited about the recent and future innovation within the field. Currently every car that leaves the factory must pass a virtual inspection.

Recode takes a deeper look into Schell Games CEO Jesse Schell, who spoke at Oculus Connect last week. The key to making virtual reality content? Presense.

Below is Schell’s “I Expect You to Die” game that just took home a lot of hardware at the Proto awards, including “Best Overall Experience”:

The Virtually Live team was on the road in Europe a few weeks ago for #IFAconference Berlin. Read our full recap of the event on the Virtually Live Blog.

With only Monday Night Football remaining in Week 3, the Patriots, Cardinals, Bengals, Packers, Panthers, Broncos and Falcons are the only teams that have yet to taste defeat. Here’s a nice piece of media highlighting the action around the league this past weekend.

Engadget addresses the concern of VR nausea, and how game developers need to craft their games accordingly to avoid it.

Hulu and Netflix are making their move to VR. Interestingly enough, the two platforms will not be displaying their content in the full field of view of HMDs, but rather creates a virtual living room where you watch on a fake wall-mounted flat screen.

Welcome to your virtual living room, brought to you by Netflix!

Oculus and Samsung are teaming up to create a head-mounted display for your mobile phone that, get this, would come with just a $99 price tag.

The Wall Street Journal featured a piece showcasing the therapeutic value VR can have on phobias and other mental health symptoms.

In the world of soccer, you would have had to be living under a rock to have not heard about Robert Lewandowski’s 7 goals scored last week, including an absolutely incredible 5-goal-nine-minute effort against Wolfsburg (video below):

That’s all for now, check us out next week!

-Spencer at VL


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