Good news! Our weekly “Next Week in VR” blog series will now include sports news! Rejoice!

The undisputed VR news story of the week had to be Sony’s announcement of Playstation VR, or PSVR. Scheduled for release in the first half of 2016, Playstation says there will be at least 10 VR games available at launch. Here’s a breakdown of how the PSVR matches up with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Week 3 was a wild Weekend of college football, with #3 Alabama losing at home to Ole Miss, #6 USC losing at home to Stanford and Cal and Texas having a good old-fashioned shootout in Austin. This week Arizona hosts ESPN College GameDay and the UCLA Bruins in a battle of Virtually Live alma maters (This Wildcat alum would like to take this opportunity to tell VL’s Strategy and Operation Manager Chelsea Williams that “YOU WILL SOON KNOW THE TASTE OF DEFEAT!”)

College Football Play of the Week: (Seriously, how crazy?)

JauntVR and ABC teamed up to deliver this beautiful news story that places the viewer in the streets of Damascus, Syria. This is one of the first examples of what many believe is the future of journalism.

We’re in the Money! San Francisco based investment firm recently said it plans to invest $10 million into VR and related technologies over the next 14 months.  JauntVR recently announced its $65 million (!!!!!!!) Series C round, led by Disney and other players in the Hollywood scene.

^This week, JauntVR be like…….

Not tech related, but pretty funny, read about the Cleveland Indians Fireworks technician who really screwed up the one job he had.

Here’s a recent interview of Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey from VR Focus, where he talks on a range of subjects including the Rift store, Oculus Connect, the Oculus Touch controller and much more.

Here’s a WIRED article dissecting Gatorade’s new VR promo that puts you inside the batter’s box and mind of Bryce Harper. SPOILER ALERT: He (you) hits the game-winning home run.

The Golden State Warriors showcased a virtual tour of their Mission Bay Stadium, projected to open in 2018, at Dreamforce last week. According to a SF-based sports enthusiast who prefers to remain anonymous, this was the only good thing about Dreamforce.

MUST WATCH: This goal from Roma’s Alessandro Florenzi during last week’s Champions League game against FC Barcelona:

That will do it for this week in VR, be here same time next week!

-Spencer at VL


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