Flickr demoed exploring your photos in VR at the XOXO Festival in Portland, Oregon over the weekend. Their plan is to in the near future add a “VR Headset” button to all 360-degree photos.

Say hello to the emergence of VR cinema! The Sleepy Hollow Virtual Reality Experience just took home the very first Emmy in virtual reality.

A lot of Facebook VR press last week. First, Vanity Fair did a feature piece on the Facebook/Oculus connection that sets the table for the ensuing VR revolution. Facebook also made the news this past week after announcing that they are working on making a Virtual Reality video app that will allow for users to explore their video’s in the same way Flickr is attempting for its photos.

Vanity Fair somehow managed to make Mark Zuckerburg and Oculus founder Palmer Luckey like total bad asses in this photo. You can tell that Palmer Luckey has a “Keep it Real or Die” shirt somewhere in his dresser.

You can now rent a Samsung Gear VR headset via room service at select Marriott hotels. Marriott, already a player in the VR scene with its intention of allowing virtual previews of hotel rooms and vacation destinations, is introducing this service for a six week trial in London and New York.

Canon has officially made itself a player in the VR hardware game with the announcement of its new VR device during the Canon Expo in New York. I would have used the term “Head-Mounted Device” somewhere in the previous sentence if it weren’t for the fact that Canon’s device is not worn by the user, but rather resembles an old-school toy viewfinder that one holds up to their eyes.

Virtually Live got some good publicity from Inside World Football after demoing their platform at IFA in Berlin last week. This piece specifically lays out how VR will change the landscape for sport broadcasting rights.

Refinery29 also did a piece on the upcoming VR revolution that claims to its non-tech readers that Virtual Reality isn’t just for computer nerds.

Got a five figure Christmas Gift budget? Then this holiday season it's take your pic (Pun!) between the Nokia Ozo (left) and GoPro Odyssey (right).  Got a five figure Christmas Gift budget? Then this holiday season it’s take your pic (Pun!) between the Nokia Ozo (left) and GoPro Odyssey (right).

The Nokia Ozo is the latest announcement in the world of VR cameras. Here’s a piece that analyzes the Ozo as well as Go Pro’s Odyssey in the war of VR camera rigs.

Kellogg is introducing cereal boxes that can easily be folded into a makeshift head-mounted display very similar to that of the Google Cardboard. Kellogg is also in the VR Content game with an official app that features 360-degree videos of mountain bike rides, wingsuit flights and much more.

CNN takes a look at how VR will change the world of the NFL, with exclusive video of the Arizona Cardinals and their partnership with STRIVR labs.

-Spencer at VL

Kellogg and Tony the Tiger think the VR is “Grrrrrrrrrrr-eat!”


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