Last week, the VL team was invited to WeWork Berkeley to demonstrate Virtually Live’s platform for guests. We absolutely rocked it, leaving the city in ruins and the citizens of Berkeley looking to god for answers.

Here’s some of our media from the event:

Let’s get something real clear right off the bat, VL’s Strategy and Operations Manager Chelsea Williams straight works the demo floor.

Stepping into the virtual world can be a little bit frightening, but Chelsea keeps her demoees reassured while navigating them through Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium. Also take notice of her brilliant use of hand gestures, despite the fact she’s talking to someone who’s wearing a head mounted display!

But the photos really don’t do it justice, here’s Chelsea in full demo mode:

The lovely and talented Chelsea giving one lucky fan of ours an on-field demo of the Manchester Derby!

A video posted by Virtually Live (@virtuallylive) on Sep 3, 2015 at 6:50pm PDT


When demo time came to end, it was CEO Tom Impallomeni’s turn to smash skulls and take names. Pictured below is him with an entire audience at mercy, prepared to sacrifice their own lives at his request:


That’s it from Berkeley last week, but stay tuned!

Most of team VL is in Europe this week for IFA 2015, so don’t miss the VL Blog recap!

-Spencer at VL

DISCLAIMER: No actual infrastructure or human lives in Berkeley were harmed last week during this event.


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